Yum yum

I’ve just had a supper of ginger nuts and baked beans.  And a rather cheeky Rioja.  Although why wine gets described as ‘cheeky’ is beyond me.  I’ve seen them make it.  ‘Footy’ or ‘cheesy’ or even ‘buniony’ would be more apposite. For the record, I don’t really recommend it – ginger nuts and baked beans… Continue reading Yum yum

Catch 22 – or maybe 45

So.  I treated myself today.  I miss my vinyl .  For a couple of years now I’ve been meaning to get the kit to digitise my collection, which has been in boxes for the best part of five years now.  Anyhoo.  So one of these and one of these later, I am now the proud… Continue reading Catch 22 – or maybe 45

The best things of being a writer…57 in an infinite series

… is how you get to make really good friends with the people that really matter in life.  Mr Vacuum Cleaner.  Little Miss Iron.  Mr Kettle.  Mrs Pot.  Sometimes they breed or you forget what you’re doing until you’re doing the ironing with the teapot and trying to retract the cord on the iron. Seriously. … Continue reading The best things of being a writer…57 in an infinite series


Don’t hate me for what I am I not Don’t hate me for what I didn’t say Don’t hate me for what I didn’t do Hate me because of I…

Fluvial deposits

Wine, whine away my tears my eyes red and conscience said. I played my part, I played my part. Bottle green and thoughts unseen of feelings mean and feelings keen. Upset as my applecart by your sudden change of heart. I shrank my world and drank my tears away.

The glamour hammer

Your soul’s up for auction, no known reserve, Blank out the people, hold your nerve. Shoot stares, shoot the breeze laugh along with the latest web wheeze. You never meant it to get to this, news, cameras, commentary axis. Money.  Your demons want it more than you sell yourself for your Jimmy Choos they are… Continue reading The glamour hammer

Minimal stamina

Tired is as tired does, A rumble tumble bumble buzz. Lazy days and boring ways easy meat and easy lays. So it says.