Yum yum

I’ve just had a supper of ginger nuts and baked beans.  And a rather cheeky Rioja.  Although why wine gets described as ‘cheeky’ is beyond me.  I’ve seen them make it.  ‘Footy’ or ‘cheesy’ or even ‘buniony’ would be more apposite.

For the record, I don’t really recommend it – ginger nuts and baked beans that is.  If you want to jump around in grapes then go ahead. I think ginger beans and baked nuts would have been better.  Or possibly more Rioja.  Definitely not ginger wine though.  Now that is ‘cheeky’.

None of which excuses the fact I’ve done no writing today except on this ere silly thing.

I feel morally obliged now to waste a good deal of time research possible uses for baked beans.  I suspect it is easier than writing.  Hell, I could even make my characters eat baked beans.  Kill two beans with one stone….


  1. I guess it could have been worse. Could literally have been ‘cheeky’. Although grapes don’t generally make good space hoppers. In my experience.

    GB – I agree entirely. Toe sucking is not to be encouraged. Or bean sucking. Wine _can_ be sucked, however. But this method of imbibing will eventually lead to death by drowning. Should one forget to breathe. Cos one is drunk.


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