The Hum – the novel (current)

The Hum pitches Tom Esher into an adventure where companies have thrown the marketing textbook out of the window and skipped straight to mind control, people have stolen his identity (and given him a better one) and his best friend is… well, lets just say he’s a little special.

It’s Hitchhiker’s Guide meets Alice in Wonderland via 1984. It crosses genres, mixing elements of crime with urban fantasy and psychological thriller. It is also deeply absurd in places, because I find the world deeply absurd in places. If you’ve never talked to yourself in the mirror or picked petals off a daisy to a nursery rhyme, you’re not going to like it. If you don’t imagine people with tails or ears, or wonder if crows are secret service agents, then this book isn’t for you. There is no love story. If you spend a lot of time thinking about how you can afford a specific pair of shoes you’re probably going to get quite annoyed. If you don’t like llamas you’re going to get quite annoyed.

In fact, you’ll probably get quite annoyed. But you will also laugh. And then get annoyed that you laughed. Which is an evil trick to play, I must say.

    The Hum - the author's initial vision for a cover
It was easier than doing any writing - so I mocked up a cover

Among the many authors that this book owes some small debt to are Michael Marshall Smith, Jeff Noon, Jonathan Lethem, Alan Moore, Charles Moore, Los Bros Hernandez, Neil Gaiman, Neil Cross, Ian Rankin, Mark Gatiss and Susannah Clarke.

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