This is the silence of sound

A very interesting and busy week, in which I have been excited no less than four times.  Four!  And one of them wasn’t even imaginary!

Ok.  Four was an exaggeration, but it’s been a good week, which, as is the nature of these things, means I haven’t had time to blog for the benefit of my one reader.  Speaking of which – rather pathetically, I was more pleased with the first comment received on this blog (thanks Julia) than with winning the best business website of the year in 2005.

But not as much as two hours spent with one of my best friends talking through some plot points on the novel.  And being reminded that understanding what motivates your characters is vital to keeping your readers with you, particularly when the characters are a little, um, odd.

And not as much as illustrating a point at work (a ‘business’ point, as opposed to a CBB point, or a point-to-point or a pied-a-terre or mangetout or debating whether Kevin Costner’s career peaked at The Untouchables (it did, it so did)) by doing a cockney geezer walk.  It wasn’t a 2.0 walk either.  It was an old school walk, much like George, the hofmeister bear (apparently created by the same man who invented the Honey Monster which must have been a tremendous stretch for him – after all, who could have thunk of TWO men in oversized furry suits with funny walks and stupid voices).  I did, however, dispense with the hat.

Did you follow the bear today?


  1. No *fewer* than four times, shurely?

    (Argghh, can’t help it — must subscribe to HPA: helpless pedants anonymous… or, come to think of it, should that be “helpless pedants’ anonymous”?)

  2. Umm. Unless Four Times was a person. A Native American, no less. Or fewer. Ok. Bang to rights on slopdom. Although I do like HPA – fits in with a newer, sorry, more recent, post.

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