Tease me, tease me

The (long) first chapter is edited and waiting for its chums to hurry up and catch up. It’s grown a little in revision, which is not entirely desirable, but I think it now establishes the key themes in the plot a bit better. And as it’s moved forward in the reading order, it makes sense for the establishing scene to be the longest in the book.

I’ve been up since 5:30 – once I get in the novel mindset I tend to be pretty consumed with it. Not good for conversation (as I tend to mainly want to talk either in or about characters), but very good for productivity. I really feel like things have finally clicked into place, and the creative engine, which was a little temperamental – perhaps it’s a diesel brain – is now purring along nicely.

Thanks to Laurence for the comment yesterday. I do appreciate it when people speak up from the ether. I’ve revised the long blurb (offline) to make things a little clearer and I have produced a condensed version more in line with the tone of the book, and so suitable for a teaser.  What do you think – I keep tinkering and tinkering, and I’m still not entirely satisfied?


Tom Esher lives in a world of his own. Well, two, if you count the time he spends as Monk Quixote – itinerant knight, occasional hero and entirely virtual. Maggie, his girlfriend, tells him that there’s a third – the space between his ears. These worlds – his universe – are governed by strange rules and rituals that he makes up to help him keep the Gods of Irony at bay. It’s mostly harmless fun, isn’t it?
Tom’s comfortable muddle of a life is turned upside-down by the dying wish of Frank, his estranged father – a request that will lead Tom on a very personal adventure – a quest for understanding, forgiveness, and redemption that will span his entire universe.


I don’t know if I need the further description of Monk Quixote (he’s a character in an online game, but I’m not sure you need to know that if you’re just reading the back cover. He’s also a silver cheetah, but that’s by the bye). I’m also not happy with ‘comfortable muddle’, which smacks a bit of ‘ooh, look at him trying to write fancy’. I know, the irony is crushing. But hey, everyone learns eventually, eh?

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