Lost in translation

An odd day, an odd week.

Nearly 5,000 words written, translating between what people feel, what an organisation can and wants to say, a little personal opinion and a lot, a lot, of words.

On the tube – giving up my space for others, bloody-mindedly, ignoring etiquette.

In the supermarket – romanian man trying to explain the concept of ‘air freshener’ to the bangladeshi crew in the supermarket.

At home – our polish cleaner has decided the note she left us last week was not clear enough, so a row of empty bottles are on the table top.

In the supermarket again, ringing up a bagel for £692. Swearing. Laughter.

At work. Negotiations. Coded language. Smileys. Threats of conversations. Heaven forbid.

Hopefully I can translate….ha ha… some of this into something meaningful in the next few days. It’s time to make a move, gentlemen. :o)

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