Injured step

With the tedious predictability of tediously predictable things, I turned the ankle again (twice, actually, but only the second time hurt) while doing some mild orienteering in the Brecon Beacons. So a fortnight after the original injury I my left ankle is still swollen and giving occasional pangs of pain.

I’ve put a neoprene support on it today, but it means I haven’t run for three weeks so I think I’m pulling out of St Neots next weekend – which is a shame as there was a friendly challenge going on with some buddies. Shame.

Also – no reply from three different email addresses on the West 4 Harriers website, so they obviously don’t want me to join :oP . Will have to look further afield.

In other news, I have been left home alone this weekend. The temptation to do something with beetroot and gelatine is proving quite a challenge. But seeing as the footie is on and the sofa is quite comfy, marshmallow experiments will have to wait.

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