As usual, I find myself looking for sequences that may not exist. Having missed out on e-everything and being far too late for i-everything I am busy trying to predict whether it would be a vowel or a consonant next. Would it be o-everything – o-Pod, o-Life, o-Man, or perhaps something more prosaic like B. B-Bop for your B-Pod in your B-Life. Although, on second thoughts, that sounded a bit negative.

Perhaps in our 2.0 world, it should be a number instead. A prime, obviously. And nothing as mundane as a single digit. 23-Pod, I’m having a 23-life. Or maybe just Pod-everything. I’m listed to my Pod-Pod while eating my PodDonald
Until it comes out of beta, naturally.

Funny how it’s rarely better when it comes out of beta, eh? Little bit of nerd humour for you there. Biting satire. Nibbling at the very ankles of mediocrity.

Which reminds me…. superstition. What’s super about it? And can any jokes be truly free of Seinfeld in our inter-media age? Ok. So we’ll gloss the super. So – we’re left with the stitious. Do you stit? The only word I can think of with a similar ending is fictitious. Which leaves a stump of ‘titious’ and a prefix of ‘s’ or ‘fic’. Which is a neat piece of synchronicity (bright and warm and blue and free).and haven’t a very pleasant Pod-Life. In fact, let’s go the whole hog shall we? Let’s fuck-everything. It’s the modern way. I want to listen to Fuck-Lo on my Fuck-Pod from Fuck Tunes while eating a FuckBurger from FuckDonalds.

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