Documentary and inventories

A couple of displacement activities this week – new arrivals in the paper department (from GF Smith) and collating all my linocut blocks and remaining prints of the last 18 months. This led to a rather pleasing reminder that I’ve created quite a few prints, and that in turn led me to look at the shelves and try and assess the number of different binding (styles) I’ve done.

  • Pamphlet binding
  • Flatback multi-section
  • Multi-section case
  • Bradel
  • Disappearing spine Bradel (Cockram)
  • Library style (English)
  • Library style (Tarrico)
  • Jean de Gonet (Tarrico)
  • Crown / Star (Kyle)
  • Drum
  • Longstitch
  • Japanese (variation)
  • Crisscross / Belgian
  • Shrigley (Elbel)
  • Onion (Elbel)

Which was another pleasant surprise, although I think I’m only competent at perhaps three of these (and some I’ve only done once).

The point really is that I haven’t been doing a great job of documenting my progress in any formal sense, and perhaps posting will encourage me to be a bit more ‘formal’ about it. We shall see.

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