Delicious irony

1. I’ve finally become someone who uses ‘so’ instead of ‘anyhoo’ to link (admittedly fragmented) thoughts. That means there is some hope for a narrative to be drawn from A to Yes please, I’ll take those royalty terms sir.

2. I expended energy today defending the ‘worth’ of blogging in various socio-political terms to someone who was (a) blogging, (b) respects my opinion as much as a chocolate frog. Although to be fair I have never seen them in the vicinity of a chocolate frog. Or now that I think about it, chocolate. Or perhaps the letter ‘c’. Ok. That was pushing it.

3. Someone has visited the site looking for ‘keeping your readers with you’. Which is so funny I could spit chocolate frogs.

4. House.

5. Iron is not a very funny metal. Although ferric oxide has its moments.

6. Delicious cannot give your shirts nice creases. Although it could crease your brow.

6 (again). Seriously. Who uses the word ‘brow’ in polite conversation. Or conversation with choclit frawgz.

7. Forrest Gimp. The masochistic hero of our times. Who probably eats shrimp. Gumbo choclit shrimp.

Yum yum.

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