Adventures in magnetism

So. Mac power cords. They make big play of being magnetic, for those pesky moments when the cat gets inquisitive and brings your *book crashing to the floor, spilling all your iCreativity onto the beautiful iKea iLaminate iFloor. While the cat gets a new, and unexpected, hat – although to be fair hats are generally unexpected, particularly on cats. Sadly, no room in this particular imagination for mats.

Anyhoo. What Mr Mac didn’t barter for is that I regularly visit a volcanic island. And on my last visit I managed to get a sizeable amount of volcanic sand trapped in my beloved STM rucksack. As it happens, some of this sand found its way near the power socket, where lo and behold, the mineral rich grains became magnetised and could only be prised out of the iOrifice with a tickling brush.

Which would have been fine, had I made the tickling brush out of cat’s hair. But it was in fact made out of the nostril hair of a walrus. Which entailed a very different type of trip to Iceland. Go on, smartarse, tell me there aren’t any walrii in iCeland. Well. There are. He’s called Horace. And he’s missing some hairs. I swapped them for a bucket. Little bit of iNternet humour, sorry, humor, for you there.

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