A storm is brewing

Hmm. What would happen if you could really brew a storm in a tea-cup? Would you be able to send forth little bolts of lightning from your pinkie? Or make it rain on a sixpence? (That last one would be even more impressive if I knew what a sixpence looked like, and perhaps how I could turn on one….) I guess you’d have to sell the tea bags in an extra strong box. It would probably rumble and shake in the basket as you took it to the wholesale jerseys checkout and embarrass the kind of person who thinks other people think they are constantly breaking wind when in fact why… they simply have very squeaky shoes. Or storm-in-a-bag.

What else would they have in the range? Coco-stones. Kind of moccha-frappe-hail. Obviously. Make everything chocolatey. Although they’d give you a freezing tongue and one of those weird headaches you get from eating too much ice cream. And jelly-vision, for when you’re watching something really scary.

Sigh. Well. It’s a post isn’t it? Brain is currently addled by too much running on lemsip.

Any other products I’m missing?

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