Noises off

Three real-life aural scenes exploring the impact of sound on what we see.

Nutch content

Nonsense to clear the maths-based sinuses of consultancy work.

New shoes

Stick, twist or fold? The angst of the unproven writer. With apologies for navel-gazing and lack of tomfoolery.

Rejection song

Reminiscing about rejection songs, as I mark yet another step in becoming a writer – my first rejection letters from literary agents.


Aural hallucinations and the strange attraction of Mogwai for writers of dark, comic fiction. Contains tea.

On clothing

Waiting for feedback, remembering what it’s like to be a freelancer and the ghosts of clothing mishaps past and present.

Rien ne va plus

After much faffing, huffing, displacing and stressing, the second, agent-ready, draft begins.