“I couldn’t care less”

With these words, John Bolton, ex-US ambassador to Chessington World of Stupidity, has gone up amazingly in my hard-to-be-amazed estimation. The fact that he turned his interviewee (sorry, her name escapes me but she’s Not Jeremy Paxman and Not Sophie Raworth) into David Caruso and she had to conduct the rest of the interview with her head tilted at a 60 degree angle just made the whole thing better. She better be asking decent questions or she be getting capped in the ass by the Mala Noche/BoJo for Majoris gang (Ed Sturton).

Not much to report to report on the novel – been concentrating on running and various domestic/professional matters that I cannot discuss. Not even on here. To myself. In a careless whisper. Not in that way though. Or a suggestive whisper. Or Wispas. Or any form of chocolate, Belgian or otherwise. Especially not any Brazilian chocolate which any fule no is covered’n’pubes. Tis true. It’s the law. Floss your tange. Anyhoo. One of these days Cheap Football Jerseys I will be a proper custom jerseys little blogger and go and comment on other people’s blogs and do it all properly like whats I does for wuk and stufs. And then I will be having been popularz. Hai! I be your frenz! Make me your lolblog! Jelly! Cut me for I bleed satire.

Oh yes.

Sigh. So – in character driving news…. excellent potential two days ago in the man that was secretly reading the bible in a PSP case. (Seriously. I almost broke the cardinal rule and spoke to him. But like any good citizen journalist I sucked it up for blogging later. Interaction is overrated after all. And does nothing for your TechnoratiOfThePops). Who else? The women dismissed as ‘vacuous’ by an old couple who were forced to sit apart by cheap china jerseys virtue of turning up later than the former and so having to listen to two old fake oakleys friends catch up. Ok, so one of them explained she was playing korfball to ‘expand her social network’, which fake oakleys is a bit like saying you like to drink Swarfega. But never mind. There’s been a few too many fairweather Big Issue sellers around. And Jose Luis Hernandex – President of Polaris World. He’s my new special friend – Barry Scott isn’t returning my calls.

Who else? Umm – the guy at the gym whose job it is to marshall the equipment got his chance to be a PT today as people are on hols. But his reward was a spinning class with only one participant. And I’ve made a new friend at work. He’s called Brian and is a jiffy bag in Third Life. In Second Life he wants to be a coconut.

Always the coconuts. Bah. I was much funnier ten hours ago. It’s much harder without an audience.

Ask me a question….

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